Sunday, October 21, 2012

Train Journey to the glamourous Ella..

(Through Colombo - Badulla Podi Menike Train - On Observation Saloon ...)
We started our journey around 6 AM in the podi menike train from Colombo Fort. It was during Mid- October 2012.

Right up to the hill country the view through the observation saloon was quite monotonous. However, passing through numerous tunnels and tea estates was pretty interesting. We passed around 30 odd tunnels during the entire journey.

Misty Heavens
Then we reached the stretch from Idalgashinna to Haputhale, which is known to be the most glamorous stretch during this train journey. It had rained a while before we reached that stretch. Hence, the entire area was covered with the mist. 
 It was such a breathtaking view to see the mist flirting around all the mountain tops. It was indeed a mini Heaven, a misty heaven!

It was around 3.10 PM when we finally reached Ella. It had been raining for a while in Ella and the entire area was covered in a thick mist. We took a trishaw to get to our hotel (Ella Holiday Inn) which was located close by to the station (300m).

On the next day we were on tight schedule with an ambitious plan to visit a lot of places in Ella.

Places to visit in this lovely area, and how we got around..

The most breathtaking view that you will not miss while in Ella is the "Ella Gap". We were luckily to get a good view of Ella Gap at Ambiente Hotel ( which is about 2.5 KM away from the Ella Station, situated up in the hill in Kithalella Road). We had no clue of the exact distance hence climbed up in the Kithalella Road through the Tea Estate. But it was all worthwhile, because we were treated with this amazing view of the mountain ranges from far away and the Ella Gap ( the V shaped Valley view).

Ravana Ella 
Ravana Ella is the most famous waterfall in Ella. We took the Badulla - Wellawaya Bus which passes through Ella Junction to get to Ravana Falls (which was about 7- 8 KM from Ella Junction).

Ravana Temple 
Our next stop after visiting Ravana Falls was the Ravana Temple which is located between the Ella Junction and Ravana Falls. We took the same Badulla - Wellawaya Bus heading towards Ella Junction and got off from the small road leading to the temple. Although we thought the temple must be located quite close by, we actually had to walk about 2- 2.5 KM. But it was worthwhile, because we managed to see an old Raja Maha Vihara built by King Walagamba. The following collection of photos were captured at the Ravana Temple:

In our short journey we still wanted to witness some of the railway architectural beauties. The Nine Arch Bridge was one of them, which we were lucky to pass through on our way to the Demodara Railway Station. This was experienced during a separate, short train journey from Ella to Demodara. The moment we got down at the Demodara Railway Station, I was hasty to witness how the train travels in a loop (the famous 'Demodara Railway Loop'). Soon I learnt that the loop cannot be viewed as a loop per se, because the train in fact travels around a small mountain. However, I managed to capture the train coming from around the mountain and disappearing beneath me into a tunnel.

All in all I believe it was amazing that we managed to visit quite a bunch of places, all in just One Day ! The next day ofcourse we headed back home on the Badulla -> Colombo observation saloon, leaving the glamourous Ella, enriched with delightful memories.

Saturday, June 18, 2011



Relieving.. comforting and inviting
Yet it is too good to be true
And I question myself..
Am I seeing things..
Am I following a fake..
Should I quite this path?

I keep wondering over and over
Is reality playing tricks with me
Yet it is too tempting
so confused what to do
I don't know how much further
I should follow to know the truth

Yet I walk along in the path I see
Hoping for the best
Trying to save my faith
Until the last mile
But what if its all just..
Just another mirage??


Good training on bargaining :D

'Looka... Looka..' they scream at the shopping markets in Beijing. Moment you turn your eyes at the goods, someone runs over to you, to drag you inside the shop. Then begins the great bargaining time! 'Sir.. Lady.. I will give this to you for 880 Yuan', which is obviously a ridiculously high price. Then if the customer is smart, they will go for the lowest possible price and at the end of a heated bargaining you can even get the good for 80 Yuan !! Imagine the price gap there ! I was quite surprised on the very first day that I experienced this bargaining at Silk Market in Beijing.

Now this is what you call Extreme Bargaining !

Together forever.. locked on to each other..

While walking along the Great Wall in China, we noticed a chain of padlocks.. Later on we got to know, this symbolizes a situation where lovers lock two padlocks together on the chain and throw the keys over the mighty Great Wall, where no one in the Universe would dare to find the keys to the padlocks !
Hence the couple would be together forever !!

Friday, November 5, 2010

In Memory Of My Dear Nanny..

You were there by my side
Since I was just 11 months old
You were truly part of our family
And I don’t know what else to call you

It was amazing to see
That bossy little spirit
And the strength you had within
For a woman of your age

But there came a time
To face a bitter truth
A truth that would tear apart most
Cancer they call it and a killer it is

It was surprising to see
The courage and strength you had
To face this bitter truth
Fighting one battle after another

You had your spirits up
Until the very last battle
But then it was time
For you to leave us behind

The courage you’ve shown us
And memories of you
Will always be in our hearts
Rest in peace my dear nanny.

By Sachitha

Saturday, May 9, 2009

My pillars of strength...

Whenever I was struggling to rise
You always reached out for me
Whenever I was in a troubled-mind
You helped me find the answers
Whatever the mistakes that I do
You would advise me kindly

You are truly my pillars of strength
Who would stand by me always
At my success and my failures
Guiding me with all your kindness
Protecting me from the darkness
Always wishing the best for me

We may have our differences
But no matter what they are
You'll always be my loving parents
The best that I could have wished for
So may your blessings be with me
As I worship you for all your goodness..

To my parents with love..

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

You My Friend...

I was walking on my own
all alone
thought it would be easy
but it wasn't
deep down I was looking for
a hand to hold on to
someone to talk to..

May be I was not
the best friend you knew
but you my friend
mean a lot to me..
forgive me if I didn't
make you feel that way..

Its amazing how you
add so many
colors to my life
just like on a rainbow
teaching me a lesson each day..
showing me a path I never saw..

More than anything
being there with me
to share my sorrow and joy
and honestly, truly
I would never know
how I could ever survive
without all that

For that I'm grateful
even though I never
uttered so in words
your friendship is a gem
and I will always admire
the beauty it adds
through each facet of it

Dedicated to all my good friends
-by Sachitha